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Sowing for Seasons, Today & Tomorrow

Our Mission:
Harvesting Change

At Gatespring, our mission is to educate and empower our providers and clients through evidenced-based research, innovative interventions and community engagement to promote an inclusive, sustainable recovery movement.  


We believe that long-term recovery affords individuals the opportunity to see their children grow up. It empowers them to obtain jobs, build careers and fall in love. It ensures lasting memories are made, relationships heal and parents sleep well at night. 


Long-term recovery encourages individuals to stand on their own two feet, realize their full potential and become active agents of change. And while it looks different for every individual, long-term recovery replaces the probability of death with a greater chance at life.


Our work not only improves the connection between committed service providers and recovering individuals; it leverages experience, empathy and scientific evidence to end addiction and help communities thrive.  


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