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Our Services

Our mission is to bridge the gap between effective substance use treatment and sustained recovery with comprehensive, innovative and evidence-based programming solutions for our clients.

We instill confidence, break down stigmas and advise on forward-thinking recovery plans that lead to positive outcomes and ensure sustained success. We follow a research-focused methodology that values partnership and collaboration.

Our team works directly with new and existing service providers to develop impactful, sustainable addiction treatment and recovery programming. We understand the needs of addiction and behavioral health treatment professionals, advocates for those struggling with substance use disorders, and hospital and primary care administrators. 


We regularly partner with politicians, health departments, fire departments, and community organizations to create the change we want to see for those affected by substance use disorders. Please review our services below and contact us directly to discuss our tailored solutions.  

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Wherever you see uncertainty, we can provide clarity. Our team will search the latest literature to provide you with concise, actionable summaries and analysis to keep your work moving.


Policy Development

Whether for your organization or for an advocacy platform, Gatespring can help synthesize the latest relevant research into effective, compassionate policies to improve your services and advocacy efforts.

Needs Assessment


We can take the guess work out of decision making by performing assessments of your organization's needs. We specialize in workforce resiliency, program sustainability, and risk assessments.  

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Compliance Services


For healthcare providers, grant recipients, and more, we can help you understand and meet your compliance requirements, including for HIPAA, DEA, and other statutes. We provide comprehensive audit assistance to relieve your teams and create marked progress.

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Data and Reporting


Our team can help you identify your data needs, form a solid strategy, and implement processes to give you better insight into your organization, outcomes and trends that may need addressing.

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Employee Assistance


Professionals in all fields require employee assistance, whether for a substance use or behavioral health need. We can help you to establish a program to confidentially and ethically address your employee's needs.

Collegiate Recovery

Young people, particularly students, often find themselves in a recovery hostile environment. We can help your university create the support that your students need to succeed both academically and personally.

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Grant Services


Gatespring provides grant writing, project management, financial management, and reporting services for public and private grant recipients. We can manage the paperwork so you can focus on work that makes a difference.

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