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Learning and Growing Together

Engaging, high-quality continuing education opportunities often prove difficult to find.  Gatespring Learning's nationally-recognized educators offer substantive, innovative expertise on contemporary subject matter most relevant to the populations you serve.  Discover invaluable knowledge and practical tools you can take into practice. We provide educational webinars, events, transformational workshops and clinical supervision trainings throughout the year in addition to offering custom curriculum development services.

We know the power education has to broaden perspectives and change minds, even among professionals.  Research related to substance use, clinical practice, and effective policy is ever-changing. We help you maintain your commitment to ethical care by providing up-to-the-moment information regarding evidence based practices.


Whether you need continuing education to maintain your license or a custom training session designed for your organization to transform culture, we are here to help.  Our current providers are ready for a different level of training. 

Gatespring Learning strives to satisfy that need.

Our Specialties

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Topic Deep-Dives for Substance Use Professionals

What would you like to know more about?  We've got you covered with trainings touching on both fundamental and innovative components of the field to improve your practices across the continuum of care.

Sample topics include:

Advanced clinical supervision workshops 

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for Substance Use 

Implementing harm reduction practices

Adolescent focused treatment approaches

Regulatory requirements for OTP pharmacies

Creating Trauma Sanctuaries in our organizations

Introduction to Substance Use for Professionals in Other Fields

Individuals in many professions may encounter the effects of substance use in their work and personal lives. Understanding addiction, the role of stigma, and the recovery journey can help connect people who use alcohol and other drugs to the services and support they need.

Sample audiences include:

Healthcare providers and health professions students

Educators and school counselors

Non-profit organizations

Government agencies

Criminal justice system and law enforcement

Clergy and faith based organizations

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Professional Leadership Development

At its core, our field is about people. How can you obtain the skills you need to become a leader, support your teams, and provide expert guidance to the next generation of professionals?  Gatespring Learning provides the training you need to be a mentor and model for leadership.

Sample topics include:

Servant leadership: From theory to practice

Identifying and understanding your leadership style

Building & maintaining engaged multidisciplinary teams

Identifying and supporting high-potential leaders

Workforce Resilience for Practitioners and Organizations

COVID-19 has laid bare the desperate need for services and support to combat burnout and augment workforce resiliency in the substance use & healthcare fields.  Gatespring is committed to providing training to individuals and organizations on concrete steps we can take to address these challenges individually and as a profession.

Sample topics include:

Creating a trauma informed workplace

Conducting workforce resiliency needs assessments

Organizational support for practical self-care 

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