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Growing Leaders in the Substance Use Field

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Making Organizational and Systems Changes

Work with Gatespring Consulting and Learning clients to meet their unique organizational needs. Learn from the latest research and advocacy priorities in the field through completing projects for our clients.


This is the perfect internship for students new to the substance use field; interested in working with non-profits, government agencies, or healthcare management; or wanting to know what it takes to run their own business.

Past intern work in this track includes:

  • Developing curriculums on a variety of substance use topics

  • Preparing toolkits and resources related to healthcare workforce resiliency, healthcare payment models, compliance, and more

  • Developing policies and standard operating procedures

  • Marketing, social media management, and business development projects

Degree programs relevant:

  • Social work

  • Public health

  • Public policy

  • Public administration

  • Business administration

  • Marketing or advertising (graphic design and social media management experience a plus)

  • Communications, public relations, or journalism

  • Other degrees case-by-case

Helping Hand


Outpatient Substance Use Therapy Direct Practice

Work with clients in outpatient treatment for substance use disorders and develop the therapeutic skills you will need to succeed as a clinician working in the treatment field. Carry your own caseload of clients under MSW and LCAS supervision.

Our clinicians are trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an evidence-based approach to addressing issues related to depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Intern roles and responsibilities will include:

  • Monitoring and completing client intake procedures

  • Observing, and then conducting, therapy sessions using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 

  • In depth training in ACT, regular supervision meetings, and opportunities to connect with other ACT practitioners 

  • Documenting client and notes and maintaining the electronic medical record

  • Case management and referrals to area resources

  • Implementing processes to monitor client progress and satisfaction

  • Curriculum development related to clinical practice, supervision, and therapeutic modalities

Degree programs relevant:

  • Social work

  • Counseling

  • Psychology

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Interdisciplinary Learning for the Best of Both Worlds

Many professionals strive for a balance in their careers between clinical direct practice and a desire to work towards systems level change.

Interns in the combined track will have the opportunity to learn the tenets of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), observe therapy sessions, and carry a small client load depending on the student's experience level and goals.

Interns will also benefit from engaging with Gatespring's consulting and learning clients to deliver high quality and responsive services to non-profits, universities, government agencies, healthcare providers, and more. Learn all sides of the Gatespring organization for better insight into how you can leverage your degree and define your own career path.

This internship is perfect for the self-driven student. You will have a chance to define your educational goals and determine how to split your time between rotations with Gatespring Consulting, Gatespring Learning, and Gatespring Therapy to meet your objectives and provide our clients with excellent service.

Degree programs relevant:

  • Social work


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Mia Smithley

NCSU School of Social Work- MSW Year 1

Intern Fall 2021-Spring 2022

My MSW internship at Gatespring was an enriching and dynamic experience. I had the opportunity to build valuable relationships, participate in projects that challenged my previous knowledge and skill set, and engage in workshops that fostered my growth as a professional.


As an intern, I was able to expand my understanding of the mental health, substance use, and healthcare fields through excellent supervision, networking, and completing projects for nationally recognized clients and organizations. I will carry the skills I cultivated at Gatespring throughout my career and will always be grateful for the mentorship and guidance provided by Scott. 

Traveler in Nature

We're Looking for Interns Who...

  • Are self-starters and and enjoy independent work

  • Collaborate well with an interdisciplinary team, particularly in a virtual environment

  • Are goal-oriented, accountable for their work and time, and value both growth and learning

  • Feel passionate about reducing stigma, improving substance use care, and supporting recovery

  • Want to be the next generation of leaders in the substance use field

Please note that all Gatespring internships are unpaid. We will work with your college or university to provide course credit whenever requested.

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