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Custom Learning Solutions

Education provides the nutrients to foster inclusive and effective substance use services. Whether you need a one hour training or a week long curriculum, Gatespring would love to partner with you to further education in our field. We are committed to providing the highest quality materials and presentations based on the latest, cutting-edge research and evidence. We customize learning solutions to meet your goals, target audience, schedule constraints, and budgetary needs. 


Live Presentations

Whether on Zoom on in person, we can captivate your audience with interactive presentations and the information they need to grow.


Handouts and Materials

Toolkits, interactive exercises, resources guides and more. Pick the perfect bouquet of materials to support an interactive learning experience.


Train the Trainer

Leverage your people for high-impact learning. We provide ready-to-present materials with speaker notes and training to support your educators.


Reusable Content

Training recordings and reusable  materials establish a sustainable, simple to use educational model for your organization.


Learning Management

Use our learning management system or yours. We'll host and manage your course content, issue completion certificates, and grant CPE.



We design pre- and post-tests to help you measure and analyze the effects of your programs. See the difference education makes.


Custom Curriculum

Trainings and educational materials specially tailored to your audience's needs, participant background, and learning goals.


Coaching Cohorts

Nurture your participants through follow-up coaching sessions, either one-on-one or in a group, to support practical applications of the curriculum.



We are available to present or help you prepare for industry leading conferences and symposiums. Inspiration and innovation guaranteed.

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